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LLGorman PhotoArt Showcase

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I offer impressionistic photography, giclee printed on artist's canvas, gallery wrapped and ready for hanging. With my custom Pet Art portraits, I apply my unique PoesyArt-style image processing to bring out detail, texture, and color quality, producing a spectacular ready-to-hang result.

It's not possible to accurately show on a computer screen the detailed texture and eye-popping clarity achieved when printed on canvas. Nevertheless I offer some before/after examples on my website.

My Pet Art Portraits are archival-quality museum prints on canvas and treated with an artists' varnish, having a color-fastness of well over 75 years.

Prior to my Pet Art passion, I created scenic perspectives on what I call "Stretch Art" format, having a fairly radical aspect ratio as the name implies. My Stretch Art is available either on canvas or fine art paper.

My entrance into photo art began in the early '90s when I combined my original poetry with impressionistic photography to create impact. This PoesyArt collection is offered as prints, on canvas, or from what remains of my 'glass art' collection: PoesyArt sandwiched between two pieces of glass and sealed, and provided with a decorative stand.


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  Pet Art

  Stretch Art and PoesyArt

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