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(1) Use The "Menu" button on this line to open a sidebar that presents a series of choices. These are in development.

(2) The collection of items in the section titles "Advisory Group" will be used to present final proposals for conideration by soon-to-be members of the Bocce Club. Members will be invited to comment on them, and a method will be put in place to take to address those comments, with the possibility that proposals will be adjusted.

(3) The "Docoument Library" will be the repository for the governing documents of the club. The single entry there will be replace by a number of documents, e.g., Game Rules.

(4) The Friends of Bocce registration form will continue to be presented until the membership process begins. At that time, the Member Directory will be added to the site.

(5) When implemented, the "Log In" button on this line will give you access to your profile so that you can maintain it's accuracy.

(6) News feeds are used to report discussions as they progress, affording everyone the opportunity to track the development of the organization into a club. Feeds are stacked into the right column. A fixed number of them will be presented, but a considerable number of them will be kept on the feed. To display the full feed, click the orange ball located near the item titles; that action opens a "NewsPage" that provides additional features. Lengthy items will be truncated on this page, with a trailing "Read RSS Feed Item" linking to the NewsPage where the full item is presented

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About News Feeds and How to Use Them

News Feeds are used to communicate a stream of information as items are posted from time to time. The Bocce Club feeds appear on the site in the right column (on large screen computers) and midway down the single column on small screen devices (mobile phones, tablets).

The act of posting itmes here also causes email alerts to be issued to you if you register for them. The current feeds are listed below; clicking one starts the registration process for that feed alert. A form will be presented by the alert email service "Blogtrottr" under the heading "Getting Started" where you simply enter your email address. Then click the "Feed Me" button to the right to cause an email to be sent to you to confirm your email address. Click the link in that email to complete the registration process.

You will need to register for each feed separately, giving you the flexibility to choose the topics you want to follow in near-real time.

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