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Looking for the popular videos of the Mark Friedenberg 2013 SBR Pickleball Clinic? Friedenberg has been granted exclusive rights fro displaying the videos for his Winning Pickleball business; to view the videos, click Winning Pickleball.


Welcome to the Saddlebrooke Ranch Pickleball Association (SBRPA). We are eager to share our love for the game of pickleball with you. The majority of our members have less than one year of experience playing pickleball, and beginners are regularly being welcomed into the group.

Members of our association play both recreational and competitive pickleball. Some members have chosen to compete in local pickleball tournaments. However, competitive play is not a requirement! We enjoy the competitive aspects of the game, but we always play to have fun!

New to Pickleball?

If you have never played pickleball before, come on out and try it. We can loan you a paddle. Check out the Courts Calendar below for days and times for "Beginners" sessions during which there will be a coach on hand to teach you the basics.


President: Chris Jerman
Vice-President: Bob Hills
Secretary: Sally Grasso
Treasurer: Lon Alness

Join the Club

Come out and give it a try. Play three times, and if you like the game, why not join our club.

Annual membership. For a full year membership from January 1 through December 31t, the full year dues are $25.

Half-year membership. If you join on or after July 1 and before November 1, you receive a half year membership covering you through the end of the year. The dues for half-year membership is $12.50.


Membership shall be open to all SBR homeowners, residents, renters and guests meeting the requirements of the SaddleBrooke Ranch Homeowners Association. Membership shall be maintained providing yearly dues are paid and there are no issues from other players regarding court behavior.

Click the "Contact" menu item above to learn more.

Organized Play

The Pickleball Club meets at various sessions throughout the week for organized play. Use the Courts Calendar section below to view club session times and court reservations that are maintained by the Fitness Center on behalf of the club.

Scheduling Courts

Individuals wishing court time outside of the times reserved for the SBR Pickleball Association must make reservations through the Fitness Center at La Hacienda. Call 520-818-6018 (then 1 for Fitness Center).

Unreserved courts may be used by walk-on players after checking in at the SBR Fitness Center for court assignment.

All non-organized play is limited to two hours.

Courts Calendar

WEEK format not suitable for smartphones.

Courts Calendar - WEEK Courts Calendar - AGENDA

Pickleball Club "Open Mic"

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SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball "Open Mic"  read enfeedia news feedWhat's this?

Posted: 22 Jul 2015
Q: What do pickleball, DJ`ing, and Cabo San Lucas have in common? 
photo FeedBack ( 0) A: Steve Phillips. Most of you probably don`t know that Steve, member of the SBRPA and expert pickleball referee, is also a darn good DJ. Steve has been DJ`ing for many years in Virgin ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 23 May 2015
Festival Factoid: Mighty Mettle Medalists Along 90 Meters of Misty Basin Amass Many Medals 
photo FeedBack ( 0) A medals-per-meter record? Perhaps. Residents of homes on five adjecent lots along 90 meters of Misty Basin Road (taking into account both sides of the street) brought home seven medal ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 22 May 2015
New purpose of this feed: Use the "open mic" to speak your mind, and more! 
FeedBack ( 0) What was the "news" feed is now re-purposed to be a channel for all members to communicate ideas, suggestions, stories, humor, critiques, 'scoops', photos, videos ... whatever! ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 23 Apr 2015
SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball Club Site Now Mobile Friendly 
FeedBack ( 0) The SBR Pickleball Club site is now mobile-friendly. View the reorganized site at SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball.

Site content has been reorganized to preserve consistency in presenta ... read RSS feed item.

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News Alerts

Friedenberg Instructional Videos

In 2013, Mark Friedenberg was invited to present a clinic to the overall SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball Club. The event was recorded from start to finish, then edited to a set of 20 "chapter" videos. Edits included annotation, slow-motion, and freeze-frame.

The result was well received! Mark secured exclusive rights to display the videos for the purpose of offering a new website for those vidoes plus more videos to follow.

His website -- "Winning Pickleba" -- provides a sample video so that visitors can see Mark's unique teaching style and the quality of the recordings.

Visit Winning Pickleball.


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