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Welcome to the SaddleBrooke Ranch Arizona Pickleball Association

Now 148 members strong and growing!

Welcome to the Saddlebrooke Ranch Pickleball Association (SBRPA). We are eager to share our love for the game of pickleball with you. The majority of our members have less than one year of experience playing pickleball, and beginners are regularly being welcomed into the group.

Members of our association play both recreational and competitive pickleball. Some members have chosen to compete in local pickleball tournaments. However, competitive play is not a requirement! We enjoy the competitive aspects of the game, but we always play to have fun!

If you have never played pickleball before, come on out and try it. Check out the Courts Calendar for days and times for "Beginners" sessions during which there will be a coach on hand to teach you the basics.

If you have played before, we look forward to meeting you and learning from your pickleball experience! Check out the Courts Calendar page to see when the courts are reserved.

Learn About Pickleball, View This USAPA Video

Mark Friedenberg's "Winning Pickleball" Website Started Here

Mark Friedenberg, a nationally recognized pickleball expert and 5.0 rated player, presented a clinic to our club in the Spring of 2013. The clinic was recorded, edited, and presented on this site as streaming video. The results became the inspiration for a new website for Friedenberg aimed at offering video lessons on all aspects of the game, including shot mechanics and selection, strategy, court positioning, error avoidance, and game knowledge. The clinic videos continue to be offered on the SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball website at not cost to club members. The general public can view the same videos for a fee at Winning Pickleball.

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SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball Club News  read enfeedia news feedWhat's this?

Posted: 28 Feb 2015
Start Time Change 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) The start time change to 8am was intended to take place on Monday, March 2nd. However, because of the cool weather we have be ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 26 Feb 2015
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) The Second Annual SBR Pickleball Festival will be held April 27th through May 2nd. This year’s festival will run as a sta ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 17 Feb 2015
Pickleball Court Construction Update 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) In case you didn’t attend the SBR HOA Q&A session this afternoon, I wanted to share the latest news regarding pickleball co ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 27 Jan 2015
Do you want to be a ref? 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Are you interested in becoming a qualified Pickleball referee?

We are holding a referee clinic on Sunday, February 15th at ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 23 Jan 2015
January Rules Insert 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) What's Happenin' out on the Courts...

Since the Arizona area Pickleball tournaments have begun, not many unusual ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 21 Jan 2015
On Time Please! 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) It has come to my attention that certain club members are arriving late for club sessions. This makes it very difficult and i ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 19 Jan 2015
Scheduled Play Times Added 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Due to the large number of players turning out for open play on Saturdays and Sundays, we are adding another time slot for op ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 17 Jan 2015
Pickleball Coaches Needed! 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) We currently have four Tuesday Coaches and one for Thursday upon request. We need three more coaches (3.0 level or above or ... read RSS feed item.

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