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11 Feb 2018 10:27
Test for 2018 
Welcome to a new year of riding. Les Brown is the newly elected club President, and Ron Knapp the Vice President

30 Jan 2017 09:01
77 Road construction 
1/29/17. I'd avoid, for the time being, driving State 77 North of Winkelman (North of junction with State177). There is a construction delay and loose gravel. Sorry, I don't have info on when it's going to be completed. Ride Safe, Ernie

19 Oct 2016 11:31
Roosevelt Lake 
On Sunday, 10/16/16 the weather was great and we rode to the Lake House Grill (Boston Grill) near Roosevelt Lake. The lunch was good...even better cause we were hungry. We rode up via "77" and decided to go back through the canyon to Highway 79 and ... read RSS feed item

28 Sep 2016 09:17
Kitt Peak Ride 
On Sunday, 9/25/16 we rode to Kitt Peak National Observatory. A great time of year to take this ride. The ride getting to the observatory was not too hot, and the peak was not too cold.
The ride up the mountain side was very manageable..paved and th ... read RSS feed item

19 Sep 2016 16:27
Ryan Field Brunch 
On Sunday 9/18, Seven Riders on Five Bikes made the scenic ride to Todd's Restaurant at Ryan Airfield where we had brunch. The food was great and the trip through the Saguaro National Park via Picture Rocks Rd was amazing. It should be mentioned ... read RSS feed item

14 Aug 2016 07:21
Patagonia Ride 
August 13 Patagonia Trip

On August 13th a new era was started in the Saddlebrooke Ranch Motocycle Club. This was the first time that no Harleys showed up. Not sure whether it was that Harleys don’t go in hot weather or their owners don’t go ... read RSS feed item

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Event: Feb 18, 2017 — Apr 26, 2017
upcoming rides 
The following is a list of scheduled rides for the club. If you would like more information, please click on "club" or "membership" or "rides" located in the lower right side of the home page.

Saturday Feb 18th
Titan Missile Museum then Lunch / Green Valley

Sunday March 5th
Porte ... read RSS feed item

Event: Feb 02, 2017
Ride: Thursday 2/2/17 
The weather looks great, so lets ride!

Les Brown will be leading the group

The weather at start will be in the 50's and we should see the mid 70's around mid day.

Thursday Feb 2nd Globe /Superior / Florence Loop 180 miles round trip Meet at the LA Hacienda and kick stands up at 9: ... read RSS feed item

Event: Jan 22, 2017, 1:00am — Jan 22, 2017
Club Exposition 
Don't forget to attend the Club Exposition on Sunday 1/22/2017 at the Club house LaMesa room from 1:00-3:00.
We'll have a booth set up, and can provide information and swap lies (:>)

Event: May 12, 2016
May 12
Seventy four riders showed up in the parking lot for the ride to Tombstone on Thursday, May 12. Needleless to say we were overcome by the huge number. Then we saw that seventy two were there for the golf tournament leaving only two for the Tombstone ride. Seeing there was only two and know ... read RSS feed item

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It’s the Journey, not the Destination!

The purpose of the Ranch Riders Motorcycle Club is to promote responsible motorcycling activities for the residents of SaddleBrooke Ranch who enjoy the adventure and freedom of riding of motorcycles on the open road.

The group enjoys local scenic back road cruises, outings exploring more of Arizona, and overnight adventures around the southwest. A variety of rides are organized for all skill levels.

If you have a bike parked in your garage, come join us to experience journeys along the open roads to interesting destinations. All makes and models of bikes are welcome.


Membership shall be open to any person residing in SaddleBrooke Ranch, either as an owner or renter, and who operates or rides as a passenger on a motorcycle.

Members who operate a motorcycle with RRMC shall maintain a valid state driver's license, with a motorcycle endorsement, have motorcycle insurance, and complete the RRMC Enrollment and Release form.

The RRMC currently has no dues.

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