Discover something totally different here: An artists' "Collective" for showcasing their work

What is being provided, at no cost to all SBR artists, is an online place to showcase many of their art creations on their own dedicated pages of this website.

When it comes to the definition of art, we intend to be inclusive and not split hairs. Art forms of all kinds will be accepted, from 2d visual art (including photography) to 3d sculptures of all kinds, plus music, poetry, even performing arts (stay tuned about that!).

Artists can choose to indicate their art can be purchased and include specifications about the art, or just display it here to show the community the passion they have for their hobby. This site is not an ecommerce site; instead people will need to contact the artist directly regarding purchases. Contact can be made from the artists' dedicated pages.

If an artist needs help with photography of their work, we can probably help, or photographic artists might lend a hand. We will specify the minimum requirements regarding photo size and resolution. We are available to upload artists' photos, and we will also provide a simple means for artists to upload photos from computer or smartphone directly to the artist's own showcase page.

Organizationally, we do not expect to have an organization. No board, no elections, no meetings, no dues, no bylaws, no inlaws, no outlaws.

Artists who are residents of SaddleBrooke Ranch are invited to participate regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, religion, political persuasion, etc. We reserve the right to refuse presence on this website, at our discretion, to anyone who is trying to abuse the intent of this site or present material that is objectionable to this community.

For more information, to offer suggestions and ideas, and especially to indicate your interest in participating in the (free) SBR Artist Collective, please complete the form below and your message will be sent to Linda Gorman. As we bring this site up, we will populate it with artists in the order in which they request to participate.

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The Artist Showcase website is sponsored by Ken and Linda Gorman