About the Dining Out Club

The Restaurant Dining Out Club is open to all SaddleBrooke Ranch residents. The purpose of this club is to provide a way for its members to meet and socialize with other SB Ranch resident-members. The club is ideal for couples as well as single members. There are no membership dues. The club is organized into sections (referred to as "Tables") which consist of 16-20 "Table Members". Each Table also has a "Table Captain" who is the main contact.

Each couple or single member commits to host once during the year. Hosting consists of selecting the restaurant; notifying each member of their Table with the particulars of the meal; making the restaurant reservation; and hosting the diners back at their home after the meal for beverages and dessert as appropriate.

Each Table Captain...

  • Maintains an up-to-date list of his/her Table Members with at least name and email. Phone numbers and addresses are optional.
  • Provides each host(ess) with an up-to-date list of the members.
  • Ensures that each couple or member commits to a month to host.
  • Helps decide how to "rotate" the members of their Table with members of the other Tables in order for the diners to meet and socialize with members of other Tables. This shall occur once a year as agreed upon by all Table Captains.
  • Communicates with other Table Captains regarding club activities, as needed.
  • Acts as main contact for his/her Table.
  • Notifies the Lead Captain of what restaurants the Table attended and who was the host(ess)

The Host(ess)...

  • Selects the restaurant.
  • Notifies each member of their Table with the particulars for meal, e.g. location, time, etc.
  • Makes the restaurant reservation.
  • Determines the time diners should meet, if car-pooling from SB Ranch.
  • Invites the diners back to their home to socialize over beverages and/or dessert after the meal.

Each Couple (or Individual Member)...

  • Selects a month to host as requested by Table Captain
  • Acts as Host(ess) at least once a year.
  • Lets the Host(ess) know each month whether or not they will be attending.

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