Welcome to Saddlebrooke Ranch Duplicate Bridge

You must be a member to register to play in the club. We typically hold games every Friday afternoon in the comfortable and quiet Card and Game Room (aka La Vista) in La Hacienda building. If you don't have a partner, we may be able to help you find one. Please contact me about participating in our fun sessions and receiving information you need to register for a session.

Contact Duplicate Bridge

To Contact me for information and get anwers to your questions, log into the HOA Website, then find "Duplicate Bridge" on the "Things To Do" page in the "Clubs" section. You will find my contact information there, as well as a link to bring you right back here. I look forward to being of assistance to you. Come join the fun!

Day and Time of Play

➤ If you wish to play in the next Friday session, you must sign up.
Please BE HERE BY 12:15pm, games begin promptly at 12:30pm.
➤ DO NOT SIGN UP if you cannot stay until 4:30pm.

Log In Using the Form Below to Sign Up to Play

After logging in, you can sign up to play and cancel your previous sign-up. You can also add/edit a note associated with your sign-up. This feature can be used to indicate you are looking for a partner.

About Your Entries...
➤ Maximum length of first and last names is 20 characters.
➤ If you have a middle name you want included, you must combine it with your first name with no spaces, like this: MaryTyler Moore.
➤ Your name entries are not case sensistive. So Elvis could log in as Elvis presley or eLvIs PREsley, or even Elvis Presley. No, he's not moving here, because he passed (not in a bridge sense).
➤ Be sure to include your partner's name in the Note associated with your registration. (Use "Add Note" as described on the next page; the button will appear when you sign up.)

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