About Including Your Club or Group In The SBR Clubs Website

A 'club' or 'group' (collectively referred to as an organization) is any special interest organization created and operated by residents of SaddleBrooke Ranch for the benefit of any resident wishing to join and meeting the requirements of membership, if any. For information about clubs vs groups, refer to our FAQ.

If you represent a club/group at SaddleBrooke Ranch and would like to have presence on this website, use the contact form below. I will contact you to discuss the opportunity, determine your needs, and create a plan with you.

No matter how small or large your organization, no matter whether you need just a little content posted or a lot of content, no matter if your club is free to members or charges dues, your club will benefit by having exposure to the full SaddleBrooke Ranch community.

We will work together regarding the organization of your major components of your site, but you have control of your content! In fact, I will request that you provide the "copy" you want to see on the site. I may recommend edits to it for search engine optimization reasons.

Addition of a "Basic Site" for your organization is free. Site "Extensions" are offered for a modest fee dependent on the Extension. Examples of a Basic Site are the Women's Club, the Colorado Club, and the Ranch Rider Motorcycle Club. Optional extensions include an automated sign-up feature to join the club, and password protected directory, and a session reservation web app. The Tennis Club has all of those features. Custom extensions will also be considered.

Ads may be posted for the purpose of covering operation of the website.

Advantages of Inclusion

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Clubs ("SBR Clubs") website is the go-to place to explore popular clubs and groups. Peruse the home page to see the range of topic, from competitive sports to games to art to social gatherings, even a community-help organization for residents to help residents when in need.

Residents and persons outside of SaddleBrooke Ranch learn about the SBR Clubs website by way of a prominent link on the SaddleBrooke Ranch HOA website as well as a very effective search enginine optimization program that is constantly momnitored and improved.

Your presence on the SBR Clubs website gives you the opportunity to interest others in your club, provide them essential information, and provide them a convenient way to contact you for more information and joining your club.

Your website can include those elements that are relevant to your organization, including a member directory, ability for members to sign up for events, ability to pay dues on-line through PayPal by major credit card (not requiring a PayPal account), photo galleries, video streaming, and one or more RSS new feeds to keep members current on all club goings-on without having to keep checking back to your website.

An "All SBR Club News" feed gives you the ability to announce major events to the overall community when those events are of interest to the community. Select "More" at the top of the page to reveal access to the feed.

What is the HOA Role?

The establishment of SBR clubs and groups is strictly a process performed by SBR residents. A club may be organized by any SBR resident wishing to do so.

The Home Owners Association doesn't charter or sponsor clubs, or represent any club ir group as an instrumentality of the Home Owners Association. The HOA doesn't get involved with charters, bylaws or finances; these are the responsibilities of the organization. Clubs need not have ByLaws or officials, that is at the discretion of clubs. Organizations do not report operational results to the HOA nor seek approval from the HOA as to the nature or amount of expenitures or source of revenues, if any.

What are Recognized Clubs and Groups

If a club or group wishes to use facilities of the HOA, it must be recognized by the HOA. To be recognized, it is necessary to submit a Facilities Use Agreement, it must be open to all residents of SBR, there must be at least one contact person for the organization, and organization leadership must meet with HOA administration to discuss any special needs or any HOA-imposed requirements specific to the organization.

A Facilities Use Agreement form is available from the HOA.

Although there is a requirement that organizations be open to all SBR residents, exceptions are permitted based on the subject matter of the club. Obvious examples are Men's Golf, Ladies Golf, Ladies Putters, Singles Club, California Club, Colorado Club.

Examples of assistance provided to recognized clubs and groups by the HOA are email notices, presence on the HOA weekly calendar, and room set ups for meetings and events. All questions pertaining to recognized clubs and groups must be addressed to HOA administration.

What are Non-Recognized Clubs and Groups

If a club or group does not wish to use HOA facilities, it need not be recognized by the HOA. As a non-recognized club, a Facilities Use Agreement is not submitted, nor is there any requirement as to membership composition of the club.

The HOA wishes to know of the existence of non-recognized clubs and groups for the sole purpose of making new residents and preferred guests aware of the organizations in the community.

The HOA also recommends that organization leadership meet with HOA administration such that the HOA might offer advice about operation of the organization, especially if the organization contemplates becoming recognized at some point in the future.