Second Annual Steiness Tennis Festival, 2015

Photograph Gallery

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A Good Time Was Had By All

Tom Took One For The Team

Men's Doubles

Women's Doubles

Tove and Sheila Double Check Those Scores!

Alastair and Tove Sign Up New Members

Bill H, Mary T, Janice N, Mark W

Dave K, Carol M, Lupe C, Bob K

Dave K, Mike N, Bo J, Bob K

Georgine H, Mindy H, Mary S, Theresa H

Janice N, Sheila B, Mary T, Tove P

Ken C, Theresa H, Sandy S, Wes H

Ken G, Minday H, Mary P, Alastair S

Linda B, Bo J, Mary P, Rick S

Lupe C, Carol M, Sandy S, Theresa H

Lutz P, Alastair S, Bo J, Wes H

Mark M, Mike S, Rick S, Tom K

Mark W, Mary S, Tove P, Phil P

Lutz P, Mark M, Bill H, Mark W

Sheila B, Janice N, Linda B, Tove P

Steve O, Georgine H, Mary S, Mike N

Wes H, Ken G, Rick S, Ken C

Lutz P, Mike S, Phil P, Jerry H

Steve O, Linda B, Sheila B, Jerry H

Lutz P, Rick S, Bill H, Mike S

Steve O, Phil P, Jerry H, Ken C

Janice Neal

Steve Ordahl

Linda Bowman

Mark Wong

Ken Gorman

Wes Hurst

Georgine Hurst

Lutz Pape

Tove Pape

Mary Theis

Bo Jessop

Bill Harvey

Lupe Cook

Ken Cook

Tom Kanitz

Alastair Stone

Carol Mihal

Mike Sosin

Phil Preston

Mary Preston

Dave Kellogg

Sandy Schlager

Mindy Hawkins

Bob Kucsmas

Jerry Hall

Mark Martin

Shelia Bray

Mike Nicholson

Rick Snowden

Mary Snowden