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2021-11-23 08:44:50
Member meeting minutes for November 18, 2021
A membership meeting was held on November 18, 2021 at 5pm. Sixteen members attended the meeting along with ten board members and advisors. Treasurer Russ Hardy advised the club's finances were solid and reported $2,600 in our checking account and $4,000 in the reserve savings account. A club budget was approved by the board and we are budgeted to increase our reserve account in 2022.

Club membership renewals for 2022 were set by the board at The board at $80 if members renew before the shop closes at 4pm on Friday, 12/31/2021. All new members and anyone renewing after that deadline will be charged $100 for membership. Members can combine membership dues and locker rentals in one check if desired. Please do not start paying renewal fees until December 1, 2021. Renewal notice and rates will be sent to all members via Groupworks.

The composition of the Board of Directors was briefed to the members. Two vacancies were announced and the two candidates who expressed an interest in joining the board were identified as Charlie Anderson and Dennis Briels. No other candidates expressed an interest so the new board was created by affirmation and will consist of returning members Mark Prose, Jeff Hansen and Russ Hardy and new members Charlie Anderson and Dennis Briels. Be sure to congratulate the new board members and support everyone who volunteers to serve on the board since our club cannot function without their efforts.

All members were reminded to use care with all our equipment and to ask a monitor for help if there are any questions about how to set up or use a tool. Specifically it was mentioned that the Grizzly drum sander was recently damaged by members who used too much pressure on the drums. Sap or epoxy on the wood also recently damage the sandpaper. The drums should be cleaned after each use. The snap ring throat plate on the router table was also recently damaged and members should ask for help and take care when replacing router bits to avoid damaging the small metal clip that secures the plate. The edge jointer cutter heads were rotated because they were leaving grooves in the finished surface. The surface planer was recently damaged by a nail or screw left in the wood as it was run through the planer. The metal left a large gouge in the table surface. Any wood used on the jointer or planer must be free from all foreign objects.

All CNC users were reminded to recap the USB port on the handheld controller after each use to keep dust from entering the electronics.

A member question raised the issue of lathe and CNC certifications. These tools require special training and experience not offered during the basic machine operator's course that new members take. The board has authorized the creation of a lathe user's group that will include anyone certified to use the lathes. This group will advise the board on a certification process and other lathe related issues and will also serve to allow lathe users to work together and learn new skills. The first lathe user group will be held 12/9/2021 at 4pm in the shop. A CNC user's group will also be formed and a formal certification process will be created by John Gordon and Tom Marshall.

The club has sponsored classes and will continue to do so. Box making has been popular and will continue. Additional classes such as lathe buffing, project planning and a class on using epoxy will be offered. All members are encouraged to recommend any other classes to the board. A lathe tool sharpening class will be offered and all lathe users will be expected to take the class.

A member identified a craft cooperative called Xero Craft located in Tucson as a source for additional wood working training. They also offer 3-D printing and welding classes. They have a website that describes all the crafts and classes they offer and their membership levels and fees. This organization offers different woodworking training and classes and tools in other related crafts and could be a useful resource.

Members are reminded that Woodworker's Source offers the club a discount on all wood purchases and any purchase at the business provides a rebate to the club in the form of gift cards. These $25 gift cards are used to purchase supplies for the club and are given to monitors when reach 12 shifts for the calendar year. A raffle drawing was also held among the members who attended the meeting and four members were awarded gift cards

2021-11-23 08:40:20
Board Meeting Minutes for November 18, 2021
On November 18, 2021 a board meeting of the SBRWWC was held. Voting members Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer and Scott Saxon, Secretary were present and Member-at-Large Harvey Gorman was absent. Advisory members Dan Carter, Ron Gustafson, John Gordon, Ron Hilbert and Ed Valdez attended. Prospective board member Dennis Briels also attended. Advisory members Charlie Anderson and Tom Marshall were absent. The meeting was called to order at 4pm and the following matters were discussed and approved:

Russ Hardy updated the board on the club finances. The club checking account had a balance of $2,600 and the reserve account held $4,000. The club had 99 paid members. The 2022 budget approved by the board at the last meeting had an estimated end of year surplus of approximately $5,500 based on current membership dues and anticipated expenses. The board held a discussion to determine the club dues for 2022 and decided to charge renewing members $80 if they renew before the shop closes at 4pm on Friday, 12/31/2021. All new members and anyone renewing after that deadline will be charged $100 for membership. The reduced renewal rate would lower the estimated budget surplus to $4,500.

Ron Gustafson's team trained four people in November. One person did not show up for the machine operator's class and did not cancel. The failure to attend or reschedule the machine operator's class has been a continuing problem and affects scheduling trainers. Due to this issue and some general confusion in our membership paperwork, Russ Hardy created a new member checklist that was discussed by the board. The checklist will be finalized and used to track the membership and training of new members. A policy change will include the requirement for everyone to pay the $20 machine operator's class fee and have completed the membership application and waiver before they can sign up for training. That fee is non-refundable if the person fails to attend or reschedule the training at least 24 hours before the class. The checklist will be kept with the new member's packet until every task is complete and the person is entered into our database as a member or occasional user. Monitors will be briefed on these changes.

Our four newly trained members are Michael O'Bleness, Dave Allison, Michelle Kembitzky and David Stalnaker

The SBRHOA funded our request for an edge sander and the new equipment will be purchased with the HOA covering 40% of the cost. The board also approved the purchase of a Flat Master tabletop sander at a cost of $925. This sander has been ordered but there is no delivery date. John Gordon requested the purchase of a new laptop battery for the computer used in CNC training and the board approved.

The shop air compressor developed a leak and Robson was unable to repair the problem so a new compressor was ordered. The new compressor has arrived at the vendor's warehouse but must be assembled and delivered to our shop. No firm date was provided for delivery and we will continue to use the leaking compressor until it can be replaced.

New lights for the lathes were approved by the board and have been purchased and installed. New highspeed steel spindle gouges were also approved but are on backorder. Replacement batteries for our drill/drivers have been received and will be used as the existing batteries fail.

In our continuing efforts to maintain cleaner air in the shop we replaced the Jet air filters with MERV13 & Carbon filters. We plan to replace them quarterly. Shop air quality has improved through the use of new filters and a change in some practices. Spot monitoring of air quality will continue and any issues will be addressed if they arise.

2021-11-07 16:04:13
Board Meeting Minutes for October 28, 2021
On October 28, 2021 a board meeting of the SBRWWC was held. Voting members Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer; Scott Saxon, Secretary and Harvey Goldman, Member-at-Large were present. Advisory members Charlie Anderson, Dan Carter, Ron Gustafson, Ed Cheszek, John Gordon, Ed Valdez and Tom Marshall were also present. The meeting was called to order at 4pm and the following matters were discussed and approved:

Russ Hardy updated the board on the club's finances. The club made $830 in commissions from the Art Walk, plus another $488
in CNC sales for a total of $1,318 in revenue. The club currently has $4,325 in the checking account plus $4,000 in the reserve savings account totaling $8,325 and we're just 6-8 weeks from the next membership renewal cycle. Many thanks to all club members who participated in the Art Walk sale and the creation of the CNC items sold for the benefit of the club.

Russ Hardy also prepared a projected budget based on the income and operating costs over this last year. The budget items were discussed and a budget was approved that will be used by the board for financial planning next year. The budget document will be posted on our website.

Charlie Anderson reported the monitoring schedule was doing well and the shop was open almost all our scheduled days. A Monitor Continuing Education plan was discussed so monitors can learn how to use the various tools in the shop and replace blades on our major equipment. The board directed Charlie Anderson to develop training classes for monitors. The method and scope of the training will be discussed in future meetings.

Ron Gustafson reported five new members were trained in October and that Scott Saxon will become a new trainer to bring the total number of trainers back to six. Training for new members is provided once a month but a training session can be arranged for anyone who cannot attend the scheduled day.

The five new members trained in October were John Oszust, Keith Sebion, Rick Merritt, Dave Palenshus and Gary Truax.

The shop has two cabinet projects ready to start. These projects will build a storage cabinet for our bandsaw jigs and a cabinet for the beading group. Each cabinet will be built as part of a class so members can participate and learn basic cabinet construction skills. These project classes will be advertised on GroupWorks in the near future.

A user's group will be formed for the lathes. All certified lathe users will be in the user's group and receive all communications regarding lathe use and policy. Active participation will be up to the individual member. The user's group will formulate policy for lathe use and member certification and make recommendations to the board regarding issues involving the shop's lathes.

John Gordon and Tom Marshall were approved to create a certification process for members who complete the CNC training class they teach. The class will be updated and a formal process will be created so that trained users can be certified to work independently on the CNC machine. Consideration will also be made to create a CNC user's group similar to the lathe group mentioned above.

The air quality in the shop has been monitored for three months and our mediation efforts appear to have controlled dust and total volatile organic compounds. The carbon activated filters in the Jet overhead air filters appear to have helped. The board approved the replacement of the carbon activated filters on a quarterly basis at a cost of $60 per quarter.

The shop's main air compressor tank developed a leak that Robson was unable to repair so a new compressor was ordered by Robson and should be installed in November. Until then, the old compressor will be used. It should be shut off at night and will have to refill each day. It will also cycle on more frequently and monitors should be aware. There is no danger associated with using the tank until it is replaced.

A proposal was made to purchase additional lights for the lathes and the board approved the purchase of three lights at the cost of $420. The board also agreed to purchase four spindle gouges for the lathes at a cost not to exceed $140. The spindle gouges will help complete our set of traditional lathe tools that many new users are trained on a the Woodcraft classes recommended by the club.

The board also agreed to purchase a new set of carbide bits for the CNC machine. The bits will be used exclusively for club projects that are made for financial benefit of the club like the coasters and Pegs and Jokers game sets. The bits will cost less than $150.

The next board meeting will discuss the replacement of two board members for 2022.

2021-09-16 18:37:05
Board Meeting Minutes for September 9, 2021
On September 9.2021 a board meeting of the SBRWWC was held. Voting members Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer; Scott Saxon, Secretary and Harvey Goldman, Member-at-Large were present. Advisory members Charlie Anderson, Dan Carter, Ron Hilbert and Tom Marshall were also present. The following matters were discussed:

Russ Hardy updated everyone on the club's finances. We currently have 101 paid members and a bank balance with $4,000 in our reserve account and $2,400 in our checking account. We are still tracking our monthly supply costs and after eight months we are spending about $400 a month on supplies. Additional time is needed to accurately determine monthly costs. The board agreed to create a club budget to address spending and management of the reserve account.

The SBR Finance Committee completed the review of our request for the purchase of a new edge sander for the shop. We should be notified if we are approved by November 2021. Our request was for a cost sharing with the club contributing 60% of the cost. The sander will cost $1,400 or less.

The monitor situation was discussed. Charlie Anderson contacted monitors who had not monitored very often and four were removed from the roster. Others promised to increase their monitor shifts. The schedule is doing well and we have been open all planned hours. There have been occasional issues with the monitor signup schedule and all monitors are asked to verify their shifts are correctly posted on a routine basis. Report any issues to Charlie Anderson. As a reminder any monitor/trainer who works 12 shifts in a year will receive a Woodworkers Source gift card worth $25.

The board discussed monitors working on personal projects during an assigned shift. The board voted to approve a change in our operating procedures to allow monitors to work on personal projects in some instances. The operating procedures will be changed as follows:

The primary duty of the Shop Monitor is personnel and equipment safety. The Shop Monitor may help users and provide guidance on safer ways of setting up tasks or using the equipment. The Shop Monitor may perform tool or shop maintenance. If all personnel in the shop are monitor-qualified the Shop Monitor may work on a personal project (similar to M/T time) as long as this does not distract from the primary task of ensuring personnel and equipment safety. If a non-monitor member enters the shop, the Monitor shall focus on oversight of that member’s activities

New members Tim Wagner and Scott Thorderson joined the shop recently. Dues to join the shop from now to the end of the year is only $50.

Our machine operator's training course is mandatory for all new members and has a $20 fee. The course fee must be paid at the time the training is scheduled and cannot be paid on the day of training. The signup list will be changed to reflect the required payment. Recently our instructors have had multiple new members fail to attend or reschedule their training which has frustrated the scheduling of instructors.

We have a requirement for anyone who wishes to use the lathes in the shop to document their training and experience and demonstrate basic knowledge and ability to a club member authorized to certify lathe use. Ron Gustafson, Jeff Hansen, Dan Carter and Russ Hardy are the only authorized personnel to certify someone to use the lathe. A formal certification document will be prepared and approved for this process and will be used to certify all new lathe users.

A project to build a cabinet for the beading craft group has been approved and will be scheduled as a class in October. Prior to that class a class to build a cabinet to store shop jigs will be conducted with dates and times to be announced. The class to build the cabinet for shop jigs will be presented as a class on how to plan and execute a project and include the use of our Festool collection.

The board approved the purchase of electrical extension cords for the new shop vacuums to make them easier to reach all areas of the shop.

Efforts to maintain clean air in the shop have largely succeeded with the adoption of a few new polices and some equipment. Monitoring of air quality has shown we have addressed dust and particulates in the air but still have an issue with Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC). Our monitoring has shown that use of chemicals in the shop greatly increase TVOC levels. Please limit the use of CA glue commonly known as Superglue and always keep all chemical containers tightly capped when not in use. We installed activated charcoal filters on the Jet air filters and will continue monitoring air quality. We will also contact Robson to see if additional filtering can be done through the building's air conditioning system.

The SBRWWC intends to participate in the annual Art Walk in SBR on October 23 and 24, 2021. The shop will be closed for work on those days so the tables can be used to display craft items for sale. Any member who wants to sell their items or help staff the shop is welcome. The club will collect 10% commission on any sales. More information to follow. Anyone who plans to sell their items should plan to help staff the shop.

Following the board meeting a general membership meeting was held. Six members attended and they were apprised of the club's finances and training plans. The planned classes to build cabinets were discussed. A member requested some instruction on epoxy use and a class or seminar will be planned and offered. A member requested the sanding table be kept stocked with fresh sandpaper. Sandpaper will be kept in the locked monitor's cabinet and any monitor can provide fresh sandpaper if needed. Everyone was also reminded that the yellow orbital sanders still need to be checked out from the monitor due to past abuse of the sanders.

Dennis Briels advised he repaired two drawers in the tool cabinets and created a device to hold the vacuum cleaner attachments to make them easier to access. Many thanks to Dennis for these and other shop improvement efforts.

It was suggested that we divide our shop cleaning into two sessions, one in the evening to clean the dirtiest and most dust prone areas of the shop so that the airborne dust can settle to the floor so the following morning the cleaning session can perform the routine machine and floor cleaning. The board agreed to set up two cleaning sessions and define tasks for each session for September's shop cleaning.

2021-07-30 08:40:53
Board Meeting Minutes for July 22, 2021
On July 22, .2021 a board meeting of the SBRWWC was held. Voting members Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer and Scott Saxon, Secretary were present. Advisory members Charlie Anderson, John Gordan, Dan Carter, Ed Cheszek, Tom Marshall and Ed Valdez were also present. The following matters were discussed:

Russ Hardy updated everyone on the club's finances. We currently have a bank balance of $8,300. The club's reserve savings account has been created.

Dan Carter and Russ Hardy prepared and submitted a detailed request for a 6" belt sander as part of the annual HOA budgeting process. We must wait the HOA decision regarding the purchase or cost sharing for the new equipment.

The monitor statistics show we are keeping the shop open on our scheduled days. A few monitors are working extra shifts to maintain our schedule. All monitors are reminded to work one shift a month to support the club. Charlie Anderson will send an email to any monitor who has performed three for fewer shifts this year to see if they wish to remain a monitor. Any member is encouraged to become a monitor.

A training class has been prepared to teach basic cabinet building based the construction of a cabinet for the beading club. In preparation for that class the board approved the purchase of one sheet of plywood to construct a cabinet to store all the bandsaw jigs to get them off the floor and make them easier to access. This simple storage cabinet build will will assist in planning the class for the beading club cabinet.

Club members have raised concerns regarding the dust in the shop and the related health issues. The board takes this concern seriously and discussed how the club can create and maintain a cleaner and healthier environment. The board agreed to purchase an environmental monitor to evaluate the air quality in the shop. The board also agreed to the following purchases and changes to current shop procedures:

1. Compressed air will no longer be used to clean equipment, surfaces or the floor. Any compressed air use to clean filters or yourself must be done outside the back door of the shop.

2. Dust collection devices will be purchased for all three lathes as they produce much of the dust in the shop. Ed Cheszek donated one device and the club will purchase two more. The cost for two dust collection devices and related fitting and hose to connect them to our dust collection system will cost less than $500.

3. To assist in cleaning equipment, surfaces and floors two replacement HEPA rated shop vacuums will be purchased. These will be used in lieu of compressed air. The three small silver shop vacuums will no longer be used as they are inexpensive models that likely contribute to the dust problem. Research indicated that DeWalt shop vacs were the best value and the 2 vacuums plus extra HEPA filters should cost less than $600.

4. The overhead air cleaners will be used whenever the shop is open and run as long as the shop is open. Research indicated that they should be used at the medium setting to adequately cycle the air in the shop. Filter cleaning and replacement will be addressed after the new policy is evaluated.

5. Any sanding performed in the shop must be done at the downdraft sanding table or with the Festool sander. The orbital sanders can be connected to the yellow Karcher vacuum in a fashion similar to the Festool tools if the project is too large for the sanding table or the table is occupied.. A washable filter for the sanding table will be purchased for $70 in order to evaluate it's utility and durability over the disposable paper filters currently in use.

6. Shop policy will recommend wearing a dust mask just as hearing protection is recommended. Any member with dust sensitivity should consider researching and purchasing a mask with appropriate filtration to reduce any health concerns.

Art walk will be held on October 23-24, 2021. Anyone wishing to sell their crafted items from their home or at the shop must register with Linda Shannon-Hills and pay a fee of $10. The woodshop will be closed for work those days and instead the shop will be used to allow any member to display and sell their items. Any seller must pay the registration fee and agree to help staff the shop during the sale. The window display will be used for selling space so anyone not participating in the sale must remove their items by October 22, 2021.

The woodshop will have access to the extra display area next to the bathrooms for August and September. The space will be used to highlight items made by the CNC machine so any CNC items will have extra space those months. Mark Prose will look into promoting that space in a Ranch Roundup article.