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Posted: 04 Nov 2018
Now is the time to determine how to best present your club online 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe SBR Clubs progress is picking up speed because important decisions having been made working with RCI. Now is the time to determine how you want people to see your club and determine what features you need. Identify what are absolute requirements separate from nice-to-have. I can help you with this process and point to solutions that will be best for you.

I will happily participate in your brainstorming or reviewing your plans in the order in which I receive requests. Even if you already ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 31 Oct 2018
Moving On 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherAfter getting most of my questions answered by RCI, it's safe for me to continue. Because the final answer I'm waiting for may affect how clubs are to be handled vis-a-vis RCI, I will postpone meeting with club officials until I have some important features implemented that will give you total control of your completely independent of RCI affording you great freedom.

Clubs will no longer need to meet with the HOA as far as this SBR Clubs website is operated. New clubs can start up th ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 19 Oct 2018
Development of the SBR Clubs website is still waiting on HOA/RCI decisions 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherI continue to be stalled on advancing the Clubs website, waiting for decisions about the desired direction of clubs at SBR and implications about the Clubs website. I have three proposals to Tim and Jack on the table. One of them is what you see here, but I stopped work on it a few months ago. I proposed and demonstrated a more streamlined version of this also.

Posted: 05 Sep 2018
Labor Day 2018 Server Outage 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherBetween the evening of Labor Day 2018 and the following morning, the server on which the SBRTA site runs suffered an outage. During an attempt to upgrade the server to include so-called SSL security following procedures that are well documented by the hosting service (Linode), the server mysteriously went down denying all access to SBR websites (and others).

Recovery from such problems is normally trivial: backup to the most recent backup copy of the complete server. In this case, the last b ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 05 Sep 2018
The problem with "mass" emailing, and a preview of using feeds 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherWhat’s the problem with placing large email lists on the To: line of your email versus the Bcc: line? Here's what one informed person says about this:

All it takes is one person's computer to be infected with virus/malware and everyone is now harvested. That's what the Bcc: is for!

You should not use mass emailings in this manner. If you receive such an email showing everyone's email address in plain view, remind the sender to use the Bcc: line. Do not risk your email a ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 08 Aug 2018
MyGrove has officially changed their name to "GroupWorks". 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherPlease use "GroupWorks" in all ongoing reference to this application.

Posted: 30 Jul 2018
Status of SBR Clubs website development 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherWe've entered into a circling pattern to give RCI (Robson Communities Inc) time to review and comment on the evolving SBR Clubs website. It makes sense that they care a lot about the design, because this site effectively represents RCI to the public. They also care about the design eliminating a webmaster (me) once completed due to the fact that the information that the HOA and the club officials enter (using simple forms) completely drive site operation. We are in agreement to slow down imp ... read RSS feed item.

Posted: 27 Jul 2018
MyGrove changing name to GroupWorks 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThis, from MyGrove:

...some exciting MyGrove news: We are changing our name to GroupWorks! In the coming weeks, when you log into MyGrove, you will be automatically redirected to the login screen. Your username and password will be the same, so the transition will be seamless for you. What will change? Our name, logo and colors. Everything else you’ve come to know and love -- the functionality of our platform -- will remain the same.
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