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SBR Clubs

Click the blue Club ID button to open the club site. Those without buttons, if any, do not have an accessible website. However, if the Club ID is a link (red font), clicking it will open an email form addressed to the club leader to facilitate making contact with the club.

AACT .. Access Amenities, Clubs and Teams
DUPLICATEBRIDGE .. Bridge, Duplicate
HORSEBACKRIDING .. Horseback Riding Group
PARTYBRIDGE .. Bridge, Party
SQUAREDANCE .. Rancheros Square Dance Club
WOODWORKERS .. WoodWorkers Club

SBR Private Clubs

Now available! Includes clubs internal to SBR that are private, i.e., not generally open to all SBR residents. Click the 'Contact Webmaster' bar below to discuss the opportunity about new modular configurable sites, possibly as an extension of your current on-line presence, featured for SBR organizations of any kind.

Clubs Beyond SBR

Coming soon. Reside outside SBR? This is for you. Will include inter-community clubs as well as private and publc clubs completely outside SBR. Click the 'Contact Webmaster'bar below to learn about the broader plans. Teaser: A new domain name has already been purchased for this, because the offering goes beyond Saddlebrook Ranch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For site visitors

How do I use this site?

Click the "tile" for a club under "Quick Pick a Club" or select a club from a category under "Browse by Category" to open the club listing. Click the club title to open the club website or other document that describes the club. Extra "widgets" (special functions) are often provided; click the icons to discover what they provide.

Why doesn't the club seem to work?

Some clubs may not yet have information entered for their club. This SBR Clubs site is in ongoing development and even when completed, there may be clubs being formed that don't have links to online information.

What's the "Restart" button about?

When this site is first loaded, header information is presented (top-of-page graphic, website title, subtitle and blurb about the site). Once seen, there is no need to continue to show that content when you go about using the site, so it's hidden and the content you are working with moves up the page.

However, if you wish to see the header material again, click the Restart button. You might also find it as a handy shortcut for returning to the opening view of the site if you are deep within the page navigation.

How do I contact someone at the club

Notice the names associated with small envelope icons. Click one according to your purpose for contacting theclub. An email form opens for you to submit your query.

Can I get SBR clubs news here?

Yes. This site will include a "Headlines" feed. Clubs can choose to post items on this feed that they considerable interesting to all SBR residents. In fact, when posting such an item on their own feed, they are presented the option of copying the item to this Headline feed.

If you want more detail on a Headline item, click the title to open the full item. Remember, clubs make the decision as to what they want posted on the Headline feed.

What does it mean to join this Access All Clubs and Teams Association?

Joining to become a member means that you can get email alerts whenever something new is posted on the Headlines feed, so you don't need to keep checking back to see what's new. Also, whenever anything changes regarding this site, you can also get email alerts, so you can stay abreast of new features and options. Of course, you can opt out of those alerts whenever you want.

You also can take advantage of the Express Site Access to get speedy one-click access to site your visit frequently.

Learn about the benefits of membership by clicking the "Join" button near the top of this page. Additional features are being planned for members.

For club officials

How do I form a club?

Once you know what your club is, who the Chief Official for the club will be along with that person's email address, and the Club Name, you are ready to register your club.

You use a form for entering the information about your club. You will enter a CLUB ID and then request a password for it. Some basic questions about SBR will need to be answered to validate to thwart attempts by outsiders to gain access to our system.

You can then proceed to make selections as the features you want and use a form to enter the information associated with each.

Who enters information about my club?

A club official does, and maybe that's you. It's up to the "Chief Official" to determine who it is. This official is (initially) the person who forms the club.

Wen will I be able to form my club site?

Now. Click the "Add/Edit Club" button that's revealed when you click the "Menu" button in the Menu strip for directions.

Can I choose my club category now?

Yes. You select the category from a list. In rare cases, it may be necessary to create a new category. That's simple to do, but it's important to avoid a proliferation of categories making the site more difficult to use. For that reason, I will work with you to define a new category.

How do I get a 'website' for my club?

Numerous options are available. First consider that you might not need a traditional website depending on the nature of yourclub and the amount of information you can provide about your club in the listing on the SBR Clubs page.

Possibly a simple PDF file may suffice. If a traditional website is needed, there are options. A Website Generator feature is under development that will offer you the ability to create and maintain a comprehensive custom site that is likely to meet all your needs. It produces websites based on the structure of the PetWise club site and offers considerable flexibility for your club.

Also, the are many "template" website generator apps (such as provided by GoDaddy, WIX Site Builder, and others). WordPress creates results that have a custom feel but require more skills than template-based tools. For a true custom site, you will need someone with software design skills who is accomplished in website and database design.

Besides the PDF approach which is as simple as creating a Microsoft Word or Apple Pages document and exporting it as a PDF file, you could choose to create a Facebook Page. GroupWorks provides a good selection of tools (posting and replying to messages, calendar/to-do lists, sub-groups for selective postings, etc) but may, in your opinion, fall short the scale of presentation you want. For GroupWorks, you invite persons to join, and they gain a temporary password that they reolace with their own. A memebship list is provided.

What is the absolute simplest way to be online?

If your requirements are minimal, use a PDF for describing your club. Draw upon the "widgets" provided by this Access All Clubs and Teams Association site to enhance your site.

What kinds of widgets are there?

Email contact form, a chat channel, photo library (using an app such as Flickr), a video or video channel (using YouTube or Vimeo), news and event feeds that eliminate email blasts (using Enfeedia), a ultra-simple resource scheduler (TBA), Twitter, and others in the works. A video conferencing and webinar feature is expected to be added in the Spring of 2019.

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