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14 Dec 2016 10:28
Pet Tech, Reviewed by a Dog 
Have you ever considered buying a gadget to feed your puppy treats when you aren't home? Or how about another that launches that tennis ball? You know, that ball that after a few throws turns mushy with your Fido's saliva? And how many of us have thought a GPS tied to Fluffy's collar would relieve some of our anxiety, letting us know exactly where she is at any given time.

According to the American Pet Products Association, American spent more than $14 billion (Yup! Thats a B for billion) in 2015 on supplies for our pets, including toys, bedding, bowls and much more.

Check out the Delightful World of Pet Tech, as reviewed by a dog, provided by the Wall Street Journal today (December 14, 2016)

by Kay Lantow