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24 Mar 2017 14:24
Do NOT allow your dogs to DRINK these liquids 
There are four rather common liquids that all dogs owners should keep their dogs away from: Milk, Gatorade, Pool Water, and the water left standing in Ponds & Puddles.

Consider Milk. We certainly like it; and when we are eating/drinking it, Fido is all ears and nose, looking to share. But dogs lack the necessary enzymes to break down the Lactose in Milk. (You'll remember a previous article noted yogurt was okay for dogs because it contained the enzymes that help digestion.) So unless you want you and your dog to suffer from diarrhea, keep him away from milk.

Gatorade? While it might be good for humans (I'm not convinced but my son swears by it), the added sugar, food additives and artificial coloring will cause urinary tract infections and otherwise harm the health of your dog.

Pool Water. This would appear to be obvious. Chlorine, algae and bacteria are all extremely dangerous. Certainly marginally dangerous for humans as well. But we probably know better than to drink pool water. If your dog is thirsty, she might lap it up while swimming. Take care.

Ponds & Puddles. Again standing water is dangerous for many reasons. Parasites, bacteria, fungi, and mold can all lead to pathogen infections. Share that bottled water with you pooch on long outings and avoid the health hazard.

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