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About Us

We are all about all topics relevant to pets, from health care to safety to events and grooming, and more. The PetWise website has categories of articles and news to simplify your search for helpful information. Click title of articles or to relevant websites including those in our resources list.

If you are struggling with an urgent matter, please visit our Contact Us page and send a message about the urgency. We will reply ASAP and lend a hand if we can. You can also click the 'Urgent?' button to get rapid access to emergency service providers including contact info and location.

The website is operated by a staff of unpaid volunteers specializing in various topic areas. PetWise is the brainchild of its publisher, Linda Gorman. If you wish to contact anyone on the staff, please visit our Contact Us page.

  • ◆ Resources: Linda Gorman
  • ◆ Events: Linda Gorman
  • ◆ Health and Nutrition: Mark Wong
  • ◆ Grooming: (reporter needed)
  • ◆ Shelter: Doreen Reynolds
  • ◆ Safety: Kay Lantow