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25 Sep 2016 08:27
Eight Tips to Choosing a Groomer 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherAs a parent of two fur babies (perhaps a very protective one), I want to be the best at taking care of them. Since one of my sweet peas struts around with a beautiful cocker cut, it is really important for me to have her groomed monthly. But how do I find a suitable groomer? Here are some things that I found helpful in addition to asking other pet owners for their recommendations:

1. Experienced and licensed ( although some states don't require certifications) is always a factor and is th ... read full article

24 Jul 2016 11:04
To Shave or Not To Shave....That Is The Question 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherAs the temperature rises, we humans look for ways to stay cool, wearing lighter weight clothing is one way to go. How should we provide relief for our special doggie friends?

One would think that getting our dogs shaved down would help them to be more comfortable during the Summer months. According to most veterinarians, dogs should keep their coats because their fur actually keeps them cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. There are exceptions though. Dogs with excessively thick co ... read full article