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Subscribe to PetWise Headlines!

There are two great reasons to subscribe. First, you will receive notification if someone's pet has escaped and is on the loose. The notification will include a photo and details about the pet. You could be the one to bring joy back to the owner by sighting the pet and calling the owner.

Second, you will receive notification by email whenever we post something new on our site that results in a Headlines posting. Rather than guess when something new is posted, register with Google's Feedburner to receive email alerts notifying you of new Petwise postings. These alerts will be sent overnight following the day of posting. Simply click a link in the email and the news/articles will be presented to you.

We urge you to
(1) Click: Register for email alerts* to receive those alerts when we post items on the site including lost pet alerts (see simple instructions below), and
(2) Follow us on Twitter, '@sbrpetwise', or, to get real-time notification about lost pets.

*About registering for email alerts: We use 'Blogtrottr' as our email alert delivery service. When you click over to Blogtrottr, you will find that all you have to do to request email alerts is enter your email address and select a delivery option. The delivery option that initially appears is 'real time'; it will actually default to about a one hour digest. You can keep that or pick any of the other choices as you wish. Our recommendation is the 2-hour or 4-hour digest. After you submit your entry, you will be sent an email to confirm your address; be sure to click the link in that email as instructed.

Email alerts sent to you offer the ability to opt out of alerts if you wish to stop receiving them.